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Chef Dawn Ray

The Grand Union Hotel is excited to welcome Guest Chef Dawn Ray!

Chef Dawn Ray will be going the Grand Union Hotel through December 31, 2015. She comes to us from Rochester, Minnesota and has always loved being in the kitchen and preparing food from an early age. She was born and raised in a small farming community in Illinois. Her Grandmothers, Mother and Sisters were a big influence in the kitchen as all of them are scratch cooks and have passed recipes from one generation to another.

Dawn is an industry trained Chef and Pastry Chef. She has a creative flair and passion for food and finds joy in creating dishes people love. Chef Dawn enjoys working for Daubes Cakes & Bakery in Rochester Minnesota when she is not traveling and filling in as a Guest Chef. During the summer Chef Dawn combines her passion for chef work and fly fishing at the Bar Z Riverside Ranch in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.

Chef Dawn believes in only using fresh ingredients and sourcing local products. Join us for her new Autumn Menu featuring Montana Regional Cuisine. Starting in November we continue our Thursday ethic night offering an array of cuisine from around the world.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner in the Union Grille, as well as Sunday Brunch the month of December. Chef Dawn looks forward to working with local businesses in the area to create a custom made menu for your Holiday Celebration.

Outside of creating delicious cuisine, Dawn enjoys spending time with her family. Dawn is also an avid fly fisherman, teaches strings & woodwinds to children in the Rochester Community and sits a chair for clarinet in the Rochester Minnesota Pops Orchestra.

Chef Dawn loves Montana and finds the people warm and welcoming. She looks forward to your next visit to the Grand Union Hotel and the Union Grille Restaurant.

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